Selection Panel for Exhibiting Works.

The panel will consider all entries, and the decision on works accepted will be final. All artists, successful and unsuccessful will be notified.

All works must be the original work of the artist and be professionally finished for public exhibition.

Delivery Installation and Removal of Sculptures

All artists are responsible for the delivery installation and removal of their work unless agreed to with the Management Committee.

All artists to read the Sculptures at Scratchley WHS document below.

All sites must be returned to their original condition after the artist’s work has been removed.

The Fort is an operational historical site open 6 days a week to the public but is closed on Tuesdays. This is when the larger pieces will be installed and removed unless agreed to by Site Management.

Artists will be notified by the committee when their work is to be delivered and installed and then removed.

Any works that are not removed by the agreed date will become the property of Sculptures at Scratchley.

Site Allocation

The committee is open to consultation with the artists in regards to the sighting of their work however the final positioning is at the discretion of the curator.

There will be a dedicated, undercover area for the exhibition of small works.

The Fort is locked every night and so is quite secure.


All risk in regards to the artist’s sculpture being exhibited remains with the artist at all times.

There is no insurance coverage of the works by Sculptures at Scratchley for damage or theft of any items.

The Fort grounds are locked at night.

WHS Information

Access to the site is to be coordinated and approved by the site managers.

Artists are to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Use of power tools on site is limited to cordless handheld tools unless approved by site manager.

No welding or grinding of works to be done on site unless approved by site managers.

Individual Safe Lifting practices are to be adhered to.

For works that are large, oversized or deemed high-risk, an engineer’s certificate (certifying safe construction and installation) is to be provided.

Where cranes and/or ladders, or lifts, are to be used for installation of artworks, this must be done in accordance with WorkCover guidelines.

Individual sites are to be checked for location of powerlines and other obstacles with site management.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • We reserve the right to use and/or reproduce images of submitted work for any purpose.
  • All instructions and requests from the Sculptures@Scratchley committee and Fort Representatives must be complied with.
  • All transactions to occur in Australian Dollars.
  • Applications must be completed in full to be considered
  • Payment must be received at the time of application.
  • Please complete a separate application for each entry.