The Sculptures at Scratchley Story

Sculptures at Scratchley is the brainchild of Grahame Wilson from Teralba, Lake Macquarie. Once a surveyor and sailmaker he turned, in more recent years, to the art of sculpting.

The original concept for Sculptures at Scratchley was to create a Sculpture Walk stretching from Wheeler Place up through the Centre of Newcastle’s CBD. Its purpose was to not only bring Art to Newcastle, but to bring people into this exciting City and encourage them to experience its unique vitality.

His original grant submission for event-funding was unfortunately unsuccessful and so he decided, with agreement from his wife, to fund the project himself – investing the couple’s entire life-savings.

A series of serendipitous events lead Grahame to Fort Scratchley and its President Frank Carter. A conversation lasting approximately ten minutes sealed the deal on Sculptures at Scratchley and within five months the entire undertaking was complete. Lock, stock and whale.

Through the generous support of the public who purchased catalogues, merchandise and sculptures in 2023, the initial investment was entirely recouped, allowing for Sculptures at Scratchley to proceed again in 2024.

Charity Status

Sculptures at Scratchley has been granted Charity status, being accepted by ACNC as an entity for the promotion of Arts and History throughout the Community. It is a non-for-profit association run entirely by volunteers.

2024 Artists

Aaron Twigg

Adam Truskett

Amanda Harrison

Andrew May

Anthony Xerri

Bridget Whitehead

Britt Jovanovski

Christiane Keller

Darwin Smith

Dave Williams

Dawid Sczyczyk

Diana Boyd

Dianna Kellerman

Dianne O’Neile

Edwardo Milan

Fiona Ryan-Clark

Gary Christian

Goeff Harvey

Greg Salter

Holly Buntman-Ronnenberg

Janet Graham

Jason Farrow

Jonathan Foley

John Logvyn

Jonathan Pryer

Judith Franklin

Katishe Grudnoff

Kay Pittlekow

Koichi Ishino

Laure De Vaugelas

Lee Howes

Lisa Holzl

Louisa Magrics

Lucy Glover

Luke Martin

Lyn Herbert

Mathew Oxford

Matt Johnstone

Max Blanch

Michael Greve

Michael Rumble

Michael Vaynman

Nicole De Mestre

Nicole O’Regan

Patricia Smart

Peter Lewis

Pete Parslow

Peter Simmons

Peter Tilley

Ralph Tikerpae

Renae Jones

Rhonda Castle

Richard Morris

Richard Nagel

Richard Tipping

Ron Pinkerton

Samuel Troyer

Samantha Walsh

Sharon Taylor

Simon Treseder

Steve Beazley

Steve Gale

Susan Dorothea White

Susan Gleeson

Suzy Syme & Andrew Costa

Syann Sue Williams

Szuszy Timar

Tracie Bertram

Tobias Bennett

Tony Wong Hee

Ulan & Rachel

Vlase Nikoleski

Wendy Tanner

Wil Edwarda-Franchimon

Will Maguire

In collaboration with Out of the Square

Out of the Square, fuelled by our Defy Expectations ethos and our deep love for the Newcastle region, is excited to donate our services to partner with Sculptures at Scratchley. As the Major Supporter, we wish to bring our creative expertise to the table to ensure this vital exhibition achieves regional, national and global recognition. The arts and smarts of the Hunter is second to none, so we welcome all artists and contributors to be part of something truly special.